The Korean National Committee of ICOM(ICOM Korea) founded in 1976, presently, has more than 400 individual and institutional members of ICOM. We are actively involved in the international committees so as to facilitate exchange of knowledge and to achieve development of museums.
In 2004, the ICOM Korea hosted the 20th General Conference and 21st General Assembly of ICOM in Seoul and it was one of the most successful and meaningful events in the history of museums in Korea. Especially, the main theme of the Conference, "Museums and Intangible Heritage" was also highly appreciated by the museum professionals in the world since many valuable intangible heritage has been perishing as a result of urbanization and industrialization. We are also very pleased and honored with the publication of "International Journal of Intangible Heritage" initiated by the ICOM Korea and the National Folk Museum of Korea. The Journal is being contributed to preservation activities and researches on intangible heritage and museums.
Also the ICOM Korea hosts a variety of international conferences with its sub-committees, including 'Historic House Museum' and 'Future Museum'. We are also co-organizing 'Yeongwol International Museum Forum' to promote local development with Yeongwol County and The Korean Museum Association. In addition to cerebrating the International Museum Day, the ICOM Korea organizes an International conference in May every year.
All of these activities contribute to the value of the museums society supporting and developing the museums in Korea.


Inkyung CHANG
Chairpserson, Korean National Committee, ICOM