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  2016 ICOM MILANO General Conference
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2016 ICOM MILANO 24th General Conference

DATE 7. 3 - 7. 9, 2016
VENUE Milano, Italy

THENE Museums and Cultural Landscapes  

INFORMATION www.milano2016.icom.museum

Every three years, ICOMs General Conference gathers the international museum community around a theme chosen by museum professionals. In 2016, ICOMs 24th General Conference will take place in Milan, Italy from 3 to 9 July 2016.  2013 it took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in 2010 in Shanghai, China.

On 7 July, more than 250 museum professionals and representatives of many Italian and international cultural associations met in Siena, Italy, for discussions on Museums and Cultural Landscapes, the theme for the 2016 ICOM General Conference. The event, organised by ICOM Italy, Fondazione Musei Senesi and Regione Toscana, included speeches on the cultural and social role of museums, as well as the organisation and promotion of ICOM Milano 2016. During the conference, participants approved the Siena Charter, a document presenting the Italian perspective on museums responsibilities toward heritage and its surrounding landscapes. ICOM Italy expects this document to be a starting point for discussions on the 2016 theme within ICOMs international network.