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  The Challenge Of Revising The Museum Definition
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This is the latest version of the ICOM museum definition, dating from 2007. Even if small changes happen every five years or so, it has gone without a deep revision for half a century. It doesnt speak the language of the XXI century, explained Jette Sandahl, chair of the newest ICOM standing committee, Museum Definition, Prospects and Potentials (MDPP).

During the last couple of years, a number of informal discussions addressed the issue of the definition.  If looked from the needs and perspectives of the XXI century, its roots, deep ingrained in previous periods and in outdated assumptions and values, become apparent. The museum definition thus seems to need to be historicised, contextualised, de-naturalised and de-colonialised insisted Sandhal in an ICOM meeting last August. This is why ICOM created in 2017 the MDPP –to explore the diversity of museums, bring experts together, address social trends and advise ICOM on a possible revision.

In this interview, Sandahl explains why having a museum definition that reflects the current paradigm is important and what is the committee doing to achieve it. 

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